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how did you get here.....
oh wait your still here ummm well I’ll tell you about me I’m an artist and animator and if you want to suggest an animation or drawing then you can do that


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Posted by Dbh85 - November 25th, 2020

iu_199516_8290214.jpgso I posted 5 animations and they all got BLAMMED So I can’t post an animation for 15 DAYS but why did they get BLAMMED In the first place I didn’t do anything I’ll end this with a drawing of how I feel Edit: I’m not angry about it now and am going to make an animation in the 15 days and hopefully it doesn’t get blammed



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Sorry to hear about that but that’s how it is here.If most people dislike your stuff,down it goes from the portal.Don’t give up though,keep practicing until you get better at it!

I’ll definitely keep practicing

System suspected you were spam due to all the quick blams. Try one project at a time, and if it gets blammed go back to the drawing board. Determine why it could have got blammed. 15 days is plenty of time to set down on one animation and make something that means something to you and could possibly mean something to others.

I’ll work on an animation for the 15 days and I’ll definitely post it by itself

It gets blammed because your content is rated low. If you want your shit to stick, make stuff that is at least passable. You see the guys who get featured? That's your standard, and so far, it's a long way to go.

Thanks for the criticism and I’m trying to get better at animations

Blammed means that your entry was deleted because it didn't pass judgement. In order to pass judgement, your submission must get a rating of around 1.75 or higher, if it is below 1.75 then it is deleted (therefore blammed).

Don't worry, just try improving and submit another animation and see if people like that one. A lot of animators have animations that also don't do so well, so don't get discouraged, it happens every now and then. Keep practicing and don't give up :)

btw, I suggest that you don't reupload blammed submissions because most likely it's going to get blammed again (plus it's against the rules to reupload blammed submissions).

Thanks also I didn’t know about the reupload rule thanks for telling me I’m working on improving

@MchectorII @Dbh85 Good luck!